Kamis, 28 Februari 2008


People hate war because it is terrible. It cost much just for damaging buildings and killing innocent people. War is basically caused by the arrogant people who want to destroy or conquer other. Tribes have fought againt tribes, one nation against those of other religion,etc.
Sometimes war is coused by a desire for more land,wealth, power, or security. It is still fresh in our mind what happened during the World War II, the Indonesian independent War,and the Vietnam War. Although the three are based on different background, actually they are not expected.
The result of War is clear, great loss, and victims suffered by both, the conquerous and the defeat. Although very dangerous and unfortunate, the Indonesian independent War is a must because the Indonesian struggled for freedom. Whit their high spirit and armed with bamboo spear Indonesian freedom fighters succeeded to conquer the dutch, the colonizer. Great loss and victims are of course unavoidable. Thousands of disabled soldiers and dead people including civilians killed during the war are unexpected result.

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