Kamis, 28 Februari 2008


Lost of young village abandoned their home village and move to big cities. One who graduated from universities feels that village is not the place where he can advance his knowledge, science and ability. The other considers that being a villager will only become a farmer or a peasant who harvest his crops only two or three times a year while some others believe that being citizens will heighten their status, prestige and dignity. Above all, cities have dozens of attraction like amusements centers, sport stadium, shopping malls, various kinds of jobs , other facilities. Living in cities ones will earn more money than what they can do in villages, there for, cities are their target.
It has been proved that moving to cities or urbanization creates problems. The incessant problems are suffered by citizens who live in big cities like Jakarta, Surabaya, bandung, etc. they are pollution, crimes, and other social problems. Citizens who live in elite housing complex tend to be selfish and those who live in ghettos or slum areas are easy to be provoked to make disturances. The haves pollute the city with the emission of their cars, whereas the have-nots scatter garbage and dirty their residence because they are not accustomet to cleanliness and healthiness.
Crime is a problem that threatens the citizen. Theft snatching, robbery, murder, suicide, and rape are cases that happen almost every day many criminal have been arrested and jailed, ironically, the crimes become more and more violent and arbitrary, it is undouptadly suffered by citizens. Visitor and urbanites themselves.

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