Kamis, 28 Februari 2008


You have heard a lot in praise of the internet a lot of good have been said about the internet : it allows people all over the world to communicate easily and it provides you with all kinds of information. As you are interested, you would like to start to be involved in it but you do not know how to start.
The first thing you need is computer. Those with Pentium processor would be nice, but a 486 is enough. An IBM compatible or a Macintosh will do, but must be equipped with a modem. The higher the modem speed, the better. The minimum is 14,1 kbps (kilobytes per second)
You need a telephone line. If you don’t at have one at home, you might too be able to use the one at the office (naturally with the remission of your boss). This will be your connection to cyberspace.
After you have all of the equipment, you need to contact an internet Service Provider (ISP). Since 1994, the government has issued business licenses for 40 ISP in Indonesian. Some of them like the ones operated by IPTEK-NET and the institute of the Technology Bandung, are not for commercial use.
Most of the ISPs operate in Jakarta, but some offer services in several other cities. PT Pos Indonesia, the state company which runs mail offices nation wide, provides services in 31 cities in the country’s 27 provinces. If you can’t find an ISP in your town, this does not necessarily mean that you have to pay more for the internet. You will be able to venture into Cyberspace, but you will have to pay more for the phone bills. This depends not only on how long you use the phone, but also how far the closest ISP office is for your place.

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